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Admiralty House

Admiralty House is the residence of the Governor-General of Australia in Sydney. It is located in Kirribilli, on the northern foreshore of Sydney Harbour adjacent to Kirribilli House, which is the residence of the Prime Minister in Sydney. The large Italianate sandstone mansion at Kirribilli Point, once known as “Wotonga”, has commanding views across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Originally its name originates in the fact that it served as the residence for the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy’s Australian Squadron.

The Royal Navy’s Australian Squadron was increased to the position of an Admiral’s command in gratitude of the colony’s growing importance in 1885. As residence, “Wotonga” for the Admiral of the Navy, , which was bought by the Colonial Government. The house was renamed “Admiralty House”, and additions were made to the property. A second storey was added to the house, as was a colonnaded verandah. The gate lodge which is in a Neo-Gothic style was also added to the grounds, as was a covered Admiral’s Walk leading down to the berth for the Admiral’s barge below.

The last British Admiral left the house as the Royal Australian Navy took over responsibility of the Naval Defence of Australia in 1913 which came to a close of the history of Admiralty house.