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Badminton House

Badminton House is a large country house in Gloucestershire, England, and has been the principal seat of the Dukes of Beaufort since the late 17th century. The architect William Kent renovated and extended the house in the Palladian style in the early 18th century, but many earlier elements remain. The sport of Badminton was invented at the house.

In the 21st century Badminton House is best known for the annual Badminton Horse Trials.

Badminton House is also very strongly associated with fox hunting. Successive Dukes of Beaufort have been masters of the Badminton Hunt, which is probably one of the two most famous hunts in the United Kingdom. However, the British Parliament has passed legislation that will make hunting animals with dogs illegal in the UK from early 2005, so the Badminton Hunt may soon be defunct.
Badminton was open to the public at one time, but is not at present (as of 2005).