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Present Day Houses

Today, houses are considered to be modern. What does modern mean? This means that houses have reached a very high level of development. Our houses are equipped with running water, gas, heat and all kinds of appliances and other gadgets. Today' s houses are waterproof, strong and filled with a bunch of comfortable furniture. Lets picture a normal house, We can see a couch, a TV., a sink and a stove. These items sound like really good things to have in our house. But we must question the fact if they are the best items that well ever have in our houses. Our houses are built of bricks, wood, and cardboard like substances. We consider these materials to be the best ones fit for a house. However, as we approach the future and make tons of scientific discoveries we ourselves: Are these really the ultimate houses? As time passes we realize that we can evolve our dwellings into The Ultimate House of the future.