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In the future home, technology will take a big part inside the house. Go ahead and read all about the different technologies! In appliances read about all the things that will be in your kitchen in the future. In communications see how we will communicate in the future. Last but not least, click on entertainment to find out all about the ways you'll be entertained in the future.


In the past the appliances were like a simple box with ice in it coffee makers were machines with water spiting out and making coffee! But now they have refrigerators that know what is missing in it and coffee makers that have their own minds! Ill explain. In the future there will be homes that answer doors, call the police and make coffee for us. That helps us a lot. If the doorbell rings, we wont have to get up from what we are doing to answer it. The house knows if we want a cup of coffee, then when we walk down the stairs, there it is sitting on the table. If you were in trouble instead of hiding and hoping for the best, the house will call the source of help you need (like the police, fire dept. etc.) and they will come as fast as they can. Appliances will be what make these houses great.