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Historical Houses of Africa

Union Building, South Africa

The Union Building of South Africa is the most beautiful government residence in the world. Sir Herbert Baker was the architect of this 275 m long building and had it built in the English monumental style from light sandstone for many South Africans.

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Fasilides Castle, Ethiopia

Ethiopian emperor from 1632 to 1667, who ended a period of contact between his country and Europe, initiating a policy of isolation that lasted for more than two centuries.


State House, Kenya

The State House is the official residence of the President of Kenya. It was formerly known as Government House. It was built in 1907 to serve as the official residence of the governor when Kenya was a British Colony.


Jummah Mosque, Mauritius

The Jummah Mosque is located in the city centre of the City of Port-Louis on the Royal Road. The country's second mosque in Mauritius, it is described in the Ministry of Tourism's guide as certainly the most beautiful religious building in the country.


Palacio da ponta Vermelha, Mozambique

The Palácio da Ponta Vermelha is the official residence of the President of Mozambique in Maputo. Ponta Vermelha (lit. Red Point) which is the area of Maputo where it is located rather than to any feature of the building.


El Badi Palace, Morocco

El Badi Palace, located in Marrakech (Morocco), consists nowadays of the remnants of a magnificent palace built by the Saadian king Ahmed el-Mansour in 1578. The original building is thought to have consisted of 360 rooms, a yard of 135m by 110m and a pool of 90m by 20m, richly decorated with Italian marblesand a lots of gold brought from Sudan.


Bab Zuweila, Cairo

In Cairo Bab Zuweila is a medieval gate, which is still standing. It is famous in history because in the Mongol era the heads of six messengers of Hulagu (the Mongol leader) were hanged on it as a response of the Egyptian Sultan to Hulagu's threats of attacking Egypt.


Lealui, Zambia

Lealui is the dry season residence of the king of the Lozi people of western Zambia Litunga. At the end of the dry season, as flood waters encroach on the compound, the Litunga moves to Limulunga on higher ground.


Elmina Castle, Ghana

In 1482 Elmina Castle also St. George El Mina Castle; ( in Portuguese Castelo de São Jorge de Mina) was built by the Portuguese as the first trading post in the Gulf of Guinea at present-day Elmina, Ghana.


El Mouradi, Algeria

El Mouradia is the name of the main presidential palace in Algeria. El Mouradia symbolises the Algerian presidency therefore just like the White House or the Kremlin symbolise the American or Russian presidencies.


Alsenari House, Egypt

The House of Ibrahim Al-Senari, as a matter of fact, has unique site near the Canal of Old Al-Nasr Gulf, making it a piece of art which was designed and erected by one of the rich Mamelukes in the late 18th century, is located near a southern suburb of the old Fatimid city.