Types Of Houses Bay and Gable House

Bay and Gable House

Bay & Gable house are of a distinct architectural style and these houses were common in late nineteenth and early twentieth century in Toronto. These houses are ever-present in older parts of Toronto, Canada. The most prominent feature of bay and gable houses is the large window that covers more half of the front portion of the house, surmounted by a gable roof. Classic bay and gable houses are usually semi detached, made of red brick and two and half story tall. Many classic houses still exist in Cabbagetown and Little Italy

Torontonians admired these type of houses because they are well suited for the layout of the city and high ceiling and long windows allowed light to reach the entire depth of the house. Victorian Revival style dominated the Toronto architectural style as the steep roofs and sharp vertical lines of the bay and gable imitates the Gothic style. Wealthy house owners used to decorate the large windows and gables. Many middle people used bricks in the front side and wood were used for back and sides of the house to save money.

This style faded after the Second World War as modernization changed the architectural style. It still remains popular among Toronto residents. In older areas of the city several new infill projects have been built in the bay-and-gable style. In the northeastern suburb of Markham, there are subdivisions filled with bay-and-gable houses modified to incorporate a two car garage.

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