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Manor House

A Manor Houseis a country house, which are used as the administrative centre of a manor (Manorialism). Manor is the lowest unit of territorial organization in the feudal system in Europe. These houses are also known as Fortified manor house. Manor houses sometimes applied to country houses that are small as well as grand. In general the manor houses are private house of a feudal lord of a manor, which he occupied only on the occasional visits if he held many manors. It was the place in which sessions of his “court baron” was held. Sometimes a steward was appointed to oversee and manage different properties of manor. The key feature of manor house was its grand hall to which additional apartments were added for domestic use.

Many manor houses were partially fortified and they were enclosed with in walls or ditches. It also had a small gatehouse and watchtower. These arrangements are made to defend against robbers and thieves. . The primary feature of the manor-house was its great hall, to which subsidiary apartments were added as the lessening of feudal warfare permitted more peaceful domestic life.

In the early 16th century manor-houses as well as small castles began to obtain the character and facilities of the residences of country gentlemen. In late 16th century renovation produced many of the smaller Renaissance châteaux of France and the numerous country mansions of the Elizabethan and Jacobean styles in England.

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