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Burnt Point

Burning Point

Burnt Pointwill be located one-half mile from U.S is totally different from other home in the Florida Keys. Burnt point encompass of 18,000-square-foot and an estimated of $2milllion has gone into landscaping alone. This is the most expensive home in america having an asking price of $50 million. From the airport at Marathon Miami is only minutes away by air.

There are two swimming pools in Burnt point which are always available. A salt water pool rises and falls with the tide is useful for both swimming and fishing . A fresh water pool is located on the west terrace just outside the Florida room. Deep-water dockage, pool, salt water lagoon and spectacular views also compliment this island.

Burnt point has a superb architectural design and there are plenty of spacious rooms.

The island of burnt point in marthon is a unique place in the world where you can view sunrise and sunset over the water from the same spot.

Besides these, there are grounds for shuffleboard court, water frontage, a living tropical reef and numerous other amenities. Burnt Point is an attractive fishing community. Photographers love the Mouse Hole, a large hole in a cliff along the shore. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a part of Marathon history.