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Graceland House

Graceland house

Graceland is the second most visited house in America (over 6,50,000 visitors a year). It is a architectural style of Colonial Revival. Graceland farm/ground was first originally owned by Stephen C. Toof & Co. It was the oldest commercial printing firm in Memphis. Grace, the daughter of Mr.Toof's, he passed away. Then she inherited the farm/ground after her father's death.

After the death of Grace, the property was passed down to her niece Ruth Moore. Her husband, Thomas Moore built it in a 10,266 sq.ft. Colonial Revival style mansion in 1939. Hence, the mansion home was built in 1939. Elvis Presley started his musical career and purchased a home for himself. He bought it for $40,000. His career developed and he planned to buy a farm house at the budget of $100,000. At the same time, he comes to know the Graceland which is located in the main urban area. He then purchased the Graceland home for $102,500 on March 19, 1957. After few years, Graceland was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1991 and designated a National Historic Landmark on March 27, 2006.Graceland was the first site related to rock and roll to be entered in the National Register of Historic Places. Now, it serves as a museum and it was opened to the public on June 7, 1982.