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Interior Aspects of Future Houses

The inside of houses have changed over the years to reflect the lifestyle of the people who live there. For example, family rooms started to be included in houses, then they were moved closer to the kitchen. Furniture has also changed over time. To see how these inside aspects of homes have changed and see our predictions for the future, as below.

  • Furniture

Furniture originated as out of the need for useful objects. In prehistory furniture was just to fit the needs like something to sleep on, something to sit on and later something to hold things.

At sometime people wanted furniture that was both useful and attractively decorative. The first people that decorated their furniture were the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks. They expressed their culture in their furniture. For example, they use carvings and paintings of their gods on their furniture. Since then various periods of furniture have existed from the Romantic period of the floral to the ornate period of the Victorians, and the more recent return to simplicity with Mission style.

It cannot be doubted that furniture will not return to it original usage only state. It will continue to reflect the culture of the people who use it. So, what does our furniture today say about us?

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  • Layout of future Homes

Houses of the future will mostly look the same as they do today. All of the rooms are for comfortable living. The biggest difference will revolve around changes in the technology. While the rooms will be cozy and warm, they will also be very spacious. Antiques and older worn out things or pieces of furniture will be very popular in the future to remind us and connect us to our past.

There will also be changes in the layout of houses in the future, but for the most part they will not be very drastic. Most houses will include at least one office. They will have specific room for simple things such as workout and fitness equipment. Some other rooms that they will have will be game rooms, home theaters, music rooms, and a guest room. Kids will have an advantage in the future too. Most kids will be able to have their own room. There will be many more rooms in houses of the future than houses of today, Click here