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Traditional House Plans

Traditional houses

During the 1930s, home styles evolved to include what is now called the Minimal Traditional style. This style remained a prevalent style until about 1950, when it was replaced by the popular Ranch.

The Minimal Traditional incorporates Colonial and Tudor forms with the Modern and International preference for as little ornamentation as possible. This style may incorporate the basic form of a Cape Cod for example, but introduces a forward facing gable, small covered porch, and occasionally corner-wrapped windows. Hipped roofs are not uncommon. Minimal Traditional style homes were often fairly small cottage-size single- to two story homes with practical floor plans.

The Characteristics of Traditional House:

Small entry porch with simple pillars or columns.


Shallow to medium pitched, gabled or hipped roof usually with no eaves.

Simple floor plan, rectangular shape, often with small ells.

Garages may be either detached or part of the main house.

Minimal ornamentation.