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Dave Lindahl is one of the real estate guru

David Lindahl the Real Estate Guru is also known as Dave Lindahl. He took up the challenge of Real Estate mentoring 14 years ago and created awareness to people about the growth of Real Estate market, the advantages of investing in Real Estate. Dave started this career with a bank balance of $800 and now is controlling one fourth of a billion dollars in real estate across the country.

Dave Lindahl worked so hard for 14 years and became a master of Real Estate Investment. He did not stop with it. He started campaigns, wrote 3 of the most famous and bestselling books to promote Real Estate Investment and helped many people to earn money through Real Estate Investment. The Books are:

He has faced lots of competition for his place over the years and his competitors various ways to stop his progress and there were few false scam reports written about Dave Lindahl by his competitors but still he battled through those tough times and emerged as a Real Estate Guru.