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Detatched House


Detached (Free Standing): Any house that is completely separated from its neighbours.

Bungalow: Single story house (not including optional basement).

Backsplit: Multilevel house that appears as a bungalow from the front elevation.

Frontsplit: Multilevel house that appears as a two story house in front and a bungalow in the back. It is the opposite of a backsplit and is a rare configuration.

Sidesplit: Multilevel house where the different levels are visible from the front elevation

Link-detached: Adjacent detached properties which do not have a party wall, but which are linked by the garage(s) and so forming a single frontage.

prefab: A house where the main structure is prefabricated (common after the second world war).

Two-story, three-story

Ranch: Single story house, usually with garage and basement.