Types Of Houses A-Frame House

A-Frame House

An A-Frame House is designed in the shape of letter A. Its interior sides are steeply angled such that it will start near the foundation and meet at top in shape of letter A. Between 1950 and 1970(Post World War II) A-Frame houses became famous and acquired its most defining individuality.

In 1955 an Architect named Andrew Geller constructed a modern A-Frame house on the beach of Long Island, New York. It had a distinctive roof line and was known as “Reese House”. His design attained International attention long before A-Frame house became famous around the world, when it was published in “The New York Times” on May 1957.

The Abbey Resort on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin has the World’s tallest wooden A-Frame.

A-Frame houses are easy to construct and inexpensive. It gained popularity because of unique shape, people started using it as second home during vacations and architects experimented with more and more new designs as it became popular among the people.

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