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Log House

A Log Houseor log home is constructionally similar to log cabin. It is a house typically made of logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber. The term log home is modern and preferred by most builders, while log cabin indicates a smaller, more rustic, log house, such as a hunting cabin in the forest.

Types of Log House

  • "Handcrafted": A handcrafted log home is typically made of logs that have been peeled but are unchanged from their original natural appearance when they were trees.
  • "Milled": A milled or machine-made log home is one constructed of logs that have run through a manufacturing process which convert them into timbers that are cut in to certain size and appearance.

Handcrafted log homes are famous in Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe. These houses were built using only an axe and knife.In early 18th century the Scandinavian settlers of New Sweden brought the craft to North America, and it quickly became famous and was adopted by other colonists and Native Americans. The oldest surviving log house in the United States is the C. A. Nothnagle Log House in New Jersey.

First milled log houses appeared on the market in 1920’s. They were constructed using logs that were precut and shaped. Many log homes today are of milled variety mostly as it requires less labor intensive field work than with handcrafted. There are possibly 500 companies in North America that build the handcrafted, scribe-fit, style of log home.

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