Types Of Houses Salt box Home

Salt box Home

A Salt box homes is generally a wooden frame house with long pitched roof. Salt box usually has one story in the back side of the house and two stories in the front. The most unique feature of salt box is that they have unequal sides and long, low rear roof line. Central chimney is also a recognizable feature in a salt box. First salt box was built by Thomas and Samuel Fox of Concord. This structure resembles a wooden lidded box used for keeping salt.

Salt box is an example of American colonial architecture and it originated in New England. It was popularized by Queen Anne's taxation of houses greater than one story. Since the rear of roof had a single story, these types of houses were exempt from the tax. This style was popular in the colonial and early Republic period because of the simplicity in design.

Salt boxes are also timber-frame houses like other types of colonial houses. Timber framing involves the joining of large piece of wood with word working joints such as mortise and tenon joints, braces or trusses. Metal nails were used sparingly because of their expense. The exterior of saltbox is usually designed with clapboards or wooden sidings. Modern saltbox homes are constructed using bricks.

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