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Government House, Sydney

The Government House, Sydney which is the official residence and remains the official reception space of the Governor of New South Wales, Australia. Governor Phillip's cottage on the site of Old Government House, Parramatta (circa 1798).Government House is located in Sydney just south of the Sydney Opera House, and overlooks Sydney Harbour.

The first resident, Governer George Gipps, did not move in until 1845. In 1835 the British government agreed that a new Government House in Sydney had become a necessity, and the Royal Architect, Edward Blore, was instructed to draw up plans. Construction commenced in 1837 and was supervised by Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis, and Colonel Barney of the Royal Engineers. Stone, cedar and marble for the construction were obtained from various areas of New South Wales. A ball in honour of the birthday of Queen Victoria was held in the new building in 1843, although construction was not complete.

Government House was designed in a romantic Gothic revival style - castellated, crenellated, and turreted and is decorated with the coats of arms of its successive occupants. with its setting on Sydney Harbour, has a garden area of 5 hectares and is located south of the Sydney Opera House, overlooking Farm Cove Additions have included a front portico in 1873, an eastern verandah in 1879 and extensions to the ballroom and Governor's study in 1900-01.

Between 1845 - 1996 it served as the Governor's residence, office and official reception space. Yet, since 1996 the Governor has not used it as a residence and the Governor's day office has been relocated to the historic Chief Secretary's Office building nearby, at 121 Macquarie Street.| Government House ,Sydney is open to the public, even if it remains the Governor's official reception space and is normally used for Vice regal purposes.