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Architectural Aspects of Future Home

There are many ways houses may change in the future. One way is through the architecture. Many people think this is just the structure or look of the house, but it is much, much more. The architecture of a house also includes the building materials used in the structure of the house and how the house uses energy. we explore these two areas. To learn more, click the links below.

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Architecture began in ancient times going as far back as the Egyptian Empire. Now you can learn about the history of architecture just by clicking on one of the choices below!

History of Houses

Present Day

Future House

New building materials are being developed because if we do not save current building materials, in the future they will be scarce. Materials like Syndecrete, a material developed by David Hertz at Syndesis, Inc., might help reduce the use of limited and/or non-recyclable materials. Syndecrete is a solid lightweight concrete surfacing material that is an alternative to inadequate or nonrenewable natural supplies. Syndecrete is made of materials that are environmentally friendly and taken from waste streams. Personally, I think that Syndecrete would be a good material and should be used for future homes because in the future many supplies that are important in building structures and buildings may be limited if we do not use them sparingly. This material is made of recycled resources that are conservational. Another interesting material that has been used in the building of a house is seagull bone marrow.