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Famous Houses in United Kingdom

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Luton Hoo

Luton Hoo is a mansion in Bedfordshire, England, on the edge of the large town of Luton. The unusual name "Hoo" is a saxon word meaning the spur of a hill, and is more commonly found in East Anglia. Luton Hoo is not mentioned in the Domesday book, but a family called de Hoo occupied a manor house on the site in the 13th century.


Woburn Abbey

Woburn Abbey, the seat of the head of the Russell Family, the Duke of Bedford, was a sad half-demolished, half-derelict house in 1953 after the death of the heavily indebted 12th Duke. The Abbey, originally given to the family by Henry VIII, had been largely rebuilt by the 4th Duke in the 18th century.


Claydon House

Claydon House is a country house in the Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire, England, close to the village of Middle Claydon. It is owned by the National Trust. There has been a manor on the site of the present house since before the Norman conquest of England.


Aston Hall

The house was severely damaged after an attack by Parliamentary troops in 1643; some of the damage is still evident. The house was built for Sir Thomas Holte and remained in the family until 1817 when it was leased by James Watt Jr, son of the world-famous industrial pioneer James Watt. The house was then purchased by the Birmingham Corporation in 1864.